Canada eTA

The Canada eTA is an electronic travel authorization. It is applied to a passport electronic strip, so when you present your passport the Canadian authorities will know you are approved for entry. This is a form of security control that was introduced to bring Canada in line with the security measures of the US by screening visitors before entry.

US citizens are exempt from ETA requirement, they need only carry proper identification and passport.

who NEEDS to apply?

Any Visa-exempt foreign nationals that wish to enter the country through flight or travel through the Canadian airport with require one.

Lawful permanent residents of the US will still be required to present a Green card.

Who CAN apply?

Only the following people can apply for a Canada eTA;

●If you have held a Canadian visitor pass in the last 10 years

●If you hold a US nonimmigrant Visa

You must be visiting/traveling for less than 6 months into Canada.

If you do not meet the above eligibility criteria above then you will need to apply for a visitors pass to enter into Canada.

How can I apply?

You can apply for your eTA online through the official Government of Canada website.

An eTA costs $7 CAD and can in some cases take several days to process. It is advised that you should apply for your eTA before booking your flights. To avoid further complications, ensure that you enter your correct passport number when applying as the eTA’s are attached to that identification number and if entered incorrectly, when scanned you will be denied entry into the country.